Dublin (TCD)

University of Dublin

School of Engineering, Trinity College DublinThe group is headed by Professor J. K. Vij, who is the Professor of Electronic Materials in the School of Engineering, Trinity College, University of Dublin, Dublin 2, Ireland. The laboratory of Electronic Materials is situated in state of the art Institute of Advanced Materials Science. The group has some 15 years expertise in the field of liquid crystals and has a strong publication as well as intellectual property record on devices.

Facilities: UV/Visible spectrophotometer, IR polarized spectrometer, wide band dielectric spectroscopy, optical birefringence, set-up for measuring the electro-optical measurements, conoscopy for eigen refractive indices and a commercial alignment machine. Access to the cleanroom facilities.

Role in the project: Device engineering and testing, dielectric and optical measurements, polarized IR spectroscopy dynamic response experiments, alignment studies.

External Links: School of Engineering, Trinity College Dublin.