Halle (MLU)

Universitaet Halle Wittenberg

Department of Chemitry, University HalleProf. Carsten Tschierske is the team leader. He is Professor of Organic Chemitry in the Department of Chemitry at the University Halle. The group has a well established position in the field of design of new liquid crystalline materials with new mesophases and the elucidation of their tructures, among them biaxial mesophases formed by multiblock molecules metallomesogens and bent-core molecules.

Facilities: Laboratory equipment for organic and metal-organic synthesis. Equipment for purification and characterization of new compounds (NMR; MS, IR).Polarizing microscope with heating and cooling stages.DSC (DSC-7). Small- and medium angle X-ray scattering: powder methods (Guinier). Equipment for investigation of aligned samples (surface alignment and magnetic fields), 2D detector HI-Star Siemens. Electro-optical investigations set up.

Role in the project: Synthesis of biaxial nematics based on bent-core molecules and investigation of these materials by different techniques, including X-ray diffraction of aligned samples. Materials will be provided for mixtures and for attachment to polymers, dendrimers, oligomers and multipodes. Phase biaxiality will be investigated by means of 2D X-ray methods at aligned samples.

External Links: Department of Chemitry at the University Halle.