Patras (UPAT)

University of Patras

University of PatrasThe team is situated in the Department of Materials Science of the University of Patras and is headed by Professor Demetri J. Photinos. The team has a long experience in molecular theory and computer simulation studies of soft matter, with extensive contributions on biaxial nematics. In addition, the team has strong expertise in the analysis of NMR measurements for probing molecular ordering and has had an essential contribution in the development of the presently most advanced method for determining biaxial order parameters from deuterium NMR spectra of liquid crystals.

Facilities: Parallel computation on Linux Beowulf Clusters. Polarizing optical microscope with temperature control; DSC; dielectric spectroscopy; atomic force microscopy.

Role in the project: Molecular theory and computer simulations for the design of biaxial nematics and for studying their self organization, alignment and response to applied fields. Design, analysis and simulation of NMR measurements of biaxial ordering. Dielectric anisotropy measurements. Project coordination.

External Links: University of Patras, Department of Materials Science, Soft Matter Theory and Simulations Group.